Personal loan

We are one of the best consulting service provider in personal loan.We have gained the trust of our customers after many years of hard work and dedication.We offer the best comprehensive financial solutions,regular updates through email and phone is provided to all of our clients, all your personal data is completely secured .We accomplish all the task within the stipulated time frame.

  • Minimum salary - 20k & above.
  • Loan amount - 1 lakh - 35 lakhs (Depends on eligibility).
  • Rate of intrest - Start with 10.99% per annum (conditions apply).

Home loan

We provide loans for purchase, construction and extension of the dwelling units. The customised home loan solutions provide best-in-class services with full-fledged domain knowledge and the simplified loan procedures.

  • Home loans Rate of intrest - 8.50% per annum.
  • Minimum salary - 20k & above.
  • Loan amount - Depends on eligibility criteria.

Mortgage loan

We have professionals who provide the consulting service in mortgage loan.Mortgage loan is one of the sensitive loan service and we provide consulting in all these services ; collection of necessary documents for loan processing,credit appraisal by the bank,loan sanction after proper credit check and verification of information,sanction letter delivery at your doorstep along with a soft copy sent to the email Id,request for disbursal,property documents collection by bank,documents to be legally examined,upon successful verification disbursement of cheque is prepared and delivered.

  • Moratgage Loan - 11.50%(conditions apply).
  • Minimum Salary - 25k & above.
  • Loan Amount - Depends on eligibility.

Car loan

Car loan: A.S Financial services provides consulting service which provides car loan service to the customers as per their requirements. Be it choosing the right car, buying/selling/exchanging a pre-owned car or getting a car insurance , we are here to provide the best consulting service to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction.

  • Car Loan - starts with 9%.
  • Minimum Salary - 20k.
  • Loan Amount - Depends on eligibility.

Bussiness loan

will be updated

  • Bussiness Loan - starts with 15.50%